Monday, July 22, 2013

She's not dead yet!

So I posted my first post. Not so scary.
That was easy.
Now the second.....well that's a different story.

Recently I was looking at an old journal and came across a line I had written in 2009. It was at a time when I was struggling with things –  perhaps a little depressed or anxious * and I had written

“I’m still not sure what my passion is,
                                    what my calling is,        
                                                what excites me,
                                                            what makes me get up in the morning….
But I am certainly on a journey and will fan into flame the flickering ember – I'm not dead yet”

I kind of laughed at the last bit. There must have been a flicker of hope... And since then I have worked to get better mentally, physically and spiritually with the help of family, friends, professionals and my faith in God.    

Part of that journey is writing this blog where I hope to encourage people by sharing about the reality of our lives. It’s the “real’ and the simple that makes our lives rich.

Today's Circuit Breaker - Coffee with hubby across the road from this
When I am frazzled and frumpy I can stay in that place for quite awhile. A wise young woman I know recently encouraged me to find my "Circuit Breakers"  - the things I like doing that would take me out of that place or mood or just give me the rest I needed. So I came home and grabbed a piece of paper and using textas wrote a fancy list of things I would/could do.

So for the scrappers and stampers and arty ones out there this could be a double circuit breaker for you - making a beautiful art piece of things you like doing that give you peace or a laugh or a well needed rest.

Today, hubby and I went to the coast (about 7 minutes drive from where we live in Perth) to have a coffee. A double bonus was bumping in to a dear friend of ours and chatting with her whilst looking at this view across the road. We also fit a walk in before heading home.

This made such a difference in my day.

I encourage you to make a list of "circuit breakers" in the most creative way possible and then pick one when you need a pick-me-up.

Some of mine to get you started.... a walk along the beach, coffee with a friend, read, a bath, buy a punnet of strawberries just for me, op shopping, buy a little gift for someone etc. etc. etc.

Id love to hear how you go.

*I had been in denial for a long time and once I started talking to friends realized that many people were struggling with some element of depression or anxiety. We have to talk about this stuff more so that people don’t feel so alienated, isolated or alone.


  1. Oh Julie, I love your blog! The idea to put "pen to paper" or fingers to the keyboard in this case, is fantastic and you are the right person to do so! I love the way you so openly, honestly share, straight from your heart!
    Also love the wonderful idea of a "circuit breaker", as I can really relate to being "frazzled and frumpy" and staying there... I sometimes don't even realise I am "there"... So, like you, I am on a journey of gratefulness, gratitude, finding out what makes me tick, etc
    We can also both relate to having given our children 'roots' and needing to give them 'wings' - which is another important part of 'letting go', etc.
    Well, I better stop here.... looking forward to more chats and to read your musings here on your blog. ~ Thank you! :)

  2. Circuit breakers are a good idea :) My favourite is writing, but coffee with a friend is pretty good too! Great to see that you are to hear all about your thoughts and adventures!